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Unfortunately the comms were out (are you surprised on this ship?), and someone got a bit premature with the ship wide announcement.  This person will be suitably punished.


We will be live soon, just give us a bit more time...

Welcome to the website for the Browncoats and Independents.  Group founded by walkingraven on November 24, 2011.


You've made your way to Port Krin, what passes for a capital city on Antallos. Even for a periphery world, things are bad. The black trade does more business than above-the-board goods and the grift climbs to the peaks of the government.

On this world, in this city, you find yourself before the rusting hulk of an ancient dropship. Crudely painted above a loading ramp that hasn't moved in a decade, 'Serenity'.

Within the ship, it's hard to tell where the bar ends and the mech bays begin. It's hard to tell which mechs are operational. Perhaps none are. A man in a long leather duster saunters up to you, one hand on his old slug-pistol. "I see you're new in here," He greets you with a smile, "Client or Browncoat?"




Port Krin

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